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of tradition and modernity

The heritage-protected Hotel Erbprinzenpalais Wernigerode is located at the foot of Wernigerode Castle as well as very centrally near the historic city wall, which is right next to the very town center.

Our hotel offers accommodation for couples, families, as well as single travelers. Our classically furnished rooms leave nothing to be desired and are a reflection of the combination of tradition and modernity.

The hotel was once the residence of the Prince of Stolberg-Wernigerode. During your stay you will have a chance to learn about many details of the history of our house.


Enjoy in the morning one of our coffee specialities at our generous breakfast buffet and look relaxed at nature and the Brocken.

Our charming staff is always helpful and friendly. Let us know as soon as there is something we can do for you. We want you to enjoy your free time with us to the fullest.

If you want to get away from the stress of everyday life, take a walk to the nearby castle enjoying the nature around you


This is what distinguishes us

The perfect location

Our hotel is located about a five-minute walk from the historic Wernigerode city wall and at the foot of the castle forest - the perfect combination of nature and culture.

A private hidden path will lead you from our garden directly to the Wernigerode Castle. On the other side of the city wall you will see our picturesque old town with its popular half-timbered houses.

Right next to the Erbprinzenpalais is our private, free car park for the guests. From the car park you can easily reach the reception via a short flight of stairs taking  your luggage with you.

Only a few steps away from our hotel you will find the popular pleasure garden. During a picnic in the sun you can enjoy nature, the baroque buildings and the view of Wernigerode Castle here.

The event location Marstall can be reached on the right, just a few steps away from us.

Regular concerts and other cultural events take place here.

The special classic style

Our rooms and lounges take you on a journey into the classic past at the time of the princely family of Stolberg-Wernigerode. The rooms in the old building of the Erbprinzenpalais are furnished with high quality furniture, individually arranged for each room, and impress with exquisite fabrics and patterns. Each room exudes unique charm - besurprised, you will like it!

We focus on sustainability!

Sustainability is such a big word, but it starts with some little things. When preparing our balanced breakfast buffet, we rely on regional suppliers and products.

Local suppliers and organic products is what matters to us when choosing the ingredients for our breakfasts. The breakfast eggs come from organic farmers, the bakery products from Wernigerode's traditional company and the liquors from the Upper Harz region. For us, sustainability means using regional companies and products because we want to support our region. The people who work here are the people who shape our local landscape and make it so endearing.

The Schlosspalais is a pioneer in the field of e-mobility and is the only hotel in the area to offer a Tesla electric charging station. In addition, we try to optimize our eco-balance through an on-site cogeneration plant and LED lighting.

And how can you contribute? In order to support our sustainability policy, you are welcome to use your bath towels for more than one day and do without the daily room cleaning. In addition, you can easily use public transport. Information is available from our staff.

Once upon a time..

Once upon a time..

The Erbprinzpalais and the Schlosspalais used to be stately homes of the Earl of Wernigerode family. In the Erbprinzenpalais, lived Count Albrecht I of Wernigerode.

It is known that he was never married, but only few people know why...

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